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RealGreen23 is a Landscaping and Nursery center for all your landscaping needs. We carry a large selection of live plant materials ranging from citrus and fruit trees, to palms and shade trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and groundcovers. A large selection of topiaries and privacy lodges and bamboos are amongst our finest. Our materials include many sizes of bagged rocks and mulches. Specialty bagged soil and fertilizers stock our shelves, amongst many other products such as insecticides, fungicides, and other landscape maintenance supplies.


We offer everything you need to water your plants, flowers and vegetables, including drip irrigation systems, misting systems, sprinkler systems and hand watering supplies. From greenhouse and high tunnel watering to field irrigation, we have all the watering equipment you'll need, including garden hose, hose connectors, water weeper hose, coil hoses, PVC tubing and more. We can help you create a healthier, more comfortable indoor climate for your greenhouse business with our selection of humidifiers, fogging systems, watering systems, sprayers and risers.


Whether It is for our recycled mulch, compost, or signature soils, RealGreen23 works diligently to ensure that all of our recycled products are free of contaminants. We strive to select the highest quality of wood for our recycled wood mulch, and the rest is used for other products. After careful selection, the material is sorted by purpose and then ground with our energy efficient machinery. This process helps maintain the highest quality of recycled products and continue to preserve the natural balance of our ecosystem.


Delivery Only :
Convenient delivery service takes the stress out of transporting your purchases to your home, business or job site. We will make sure your purchases are delivered quickly, safely and undamaged.

We offer delivery for almost any product we sell to any town in Broward County or Palm Beach County. For purchases made in-store, deliveries can be scheduled at the time of purchase. Most local deliveries can be scheduled any day, except Sundays and depending on the season, can be delivered within 1 or 2 days.

Delivery is a $75.00 flat fee for deliveries within Coral Springs and immediate surroundings cities. Delivery to areas outside of this zone will be subject to additional delivery fees. Speak with a sales associate for details. All deliveries will be dropped off at the front drive. Sod pallet deliveries will be carefully dumped off the back of a dump truck...See picture below.

Delivery and Installation :
Our professional planting service provides expert installation of trees and shrubs purchased from Coral Springs Nursery. With years of landscaping experience, our planting staff has the knowledge and the resources to make sure that your plants are installed properly. Planting fees include a delivery charge, plus a installation charge based on the items and number of items to be installed.

Tree plantings and deliveries are scheduled on a first come first serve basis - Monday through Friday. Can't be there? That's OK. We can still plant it for you even if you're not home. You will receive a flag to mark where you would like your tree planted.

Please have your invoice date ready. In case your plant should die we will replace the same plant (if available) or a new plant of your choice at equal value. One time only replacement.